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Pete Corrao, E.A., provides accounting services for small business owners. An expert in QuickBooks, he can get your books up-to-date and prepare and file your taxes!

What clients say about Pete:

"... a role model on how small business should operate!"
"Pete has been providing me with excellent tax service since 2012 and I have to say I could not have been this successful with peace of mind without his service. When you call Pete you are assured to get a very quick response to your question. To sum it up, he is easy to get along with, flexible, and reliable. Pete, you are a role model on how a small business should operate!"
-Jim G., Tucson Arizona.

"... he's always available"
"Pete is a blessing to our company! We started an HVAC company in 2011 and have used Pete since the start. We put all our trust in Pete when it comes to our business finances and we are never disappointed. He is always available and answers all of our questions in terms we can understand. He is very knowledgeable and very personal. We truly trust Pete and honor his ideas for our company. We would never go anywhere else. Pete truly is a blessing to our company!
-Danielle M., Tucson Arizona.

"... extremely accommodating of my hectic schedule"
"My companies have worked with Pete for a number of years now. He is extremely accommodating of my hectic schedule and quickly adapts to my pace. I have called Pete at various times to look up information for me while I was on the go; every time I am in need of any assistance he happily obliges. Not only do I like his attention to detail and able advice I also like to work with someone as humble and professional as he. I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so."
-Tara B., Tucson Arizona.

"...painless and easy to deal with"
"As a newly self-employed person, Pete's tax expertise made the new tax variables facing me painless and easy to deal with. With one short meeting, Pete assuaged any anxieties I felt and explained everything I needed to know in simple layman's terms. I highly recommend Pete for your tax and bookkeeping needs."
-Rush D., Tucson Arizona.

"... saved me 3 times the cost of his fees"
"Pete has been a fantastic asset for my small business needs as well as my own personal needs in navigating the labyrinthine tax structure at both the federal and state level. He has historically saved me 3 times the cost of his fees. Pete is an exceptional tax advisor, and I highly recommend him to anyone desiring to have a professionally competent and ethical ally in that mysterious place known as "tax world."
-Larry B., Tucson Arizona.

" ... going to a retail tax office seems unimaginable"
"I have had 3 years of excellent service from Pete. He is by far the friendliest, most informative tax professional I have ever had the privilege of using. He helped us when we owned our restaurant business, and we will continue to use his services for our personal taxes for however long he continues to offer them. Going back to a retail tax office just seems unimaginable after being treated so well, keep up the good work Pete!"
-Mike J., Tucson Arizona.

"... the best in the business"
"Pete is the best in the business. When my previous tax specialist passed away unexpectedly leaving my taxes half finished, a friend recommended giving Pete a call. He was able to pick up the pieces of my return and had me ready to file in no time. We've been doing business ever since. Thanks Pete!"
-Hunt S., Tucson Arizona.

"... the best tax preparer I've ever had"
Pete has provided me with friendly, reliable tax services for several years. As a freelance writer with no inclination toward numbers, I require someone who can find all my deductions, estimate my quarterlies, and help me legally pay my vendors without stressing me out in any way, and Pete does the job admirably. He's the best tax preparer I've ever had!
-Monica F., Tucson Arizona.

"... he's never too busy to help"
"I moved to Vail Arizona 4 years ago from Ohio where I had a successful pool table service and what I thought was a very good accountant. I was referred to Pete and he showed me a lot that my old accountant in Ohio never did. I'm just now starting my billiard service out here in Southern Arizona and I know I can rely on Pete whenever I have questions. He's never too busy to help."
-Keith R., Tucson Arizona.

"... the quality of his service is among the best"
"We started using Pete for our business filings a few years ago and his efficiency proved to be such that we decided that it was the best move to use him for our personal taxes as well. Since the first year we have come to trust Pete and we feel the personal attention that he provides and the quality of his service is among the best. We look forward to working with Pete for years to come!
-Alicia J., San Diego California.

"... his knowledge and resources are priceless!"
"My experience with Pete has been a very helpful and rewarding. The knowledge and resources that Pete offers are priceless. As my business has grown, Pete has been there every step of the way to guide me in the right direction. Knowing that my financial guidance is in good hands gives me the time to focus on the other aspects of my business. My time is never wasted when it comes to my financial needs. I really appreciate Pete’s services. Thank You Pete!"
Bill B., Tucson Arizona.

" ... the largest tax refund I’ve ever received"
“ I used Pete's services for the first time for my 2005 tax return, which was the largest tax refund I’ve ever received. He made several helpful recommendations regarding my finances and he was very easy to work with. The service was great and I would recommend him without reservation to all my friends”
– Eduardo C., Pinetop Arizona

" ... I received my return the next day!"

" I had Pete prepare my taxes, and I was impressed with his turnaround. I received my return the next day. I will be using him in the future. GREAT JOB! Thanks Pete!!"
– Deanna D., Tucson Arizona.

" ... he found deductions I didn't know were available!"
" Pete did a great job on my taxes, he found deductions I didn't know were available, and I received a larger return. He is up on the latest tax information, and is very conscientious and professional. It was a pleasure and very reassuring having Pete do my taxes for me."
– George M., Tucson Arizona.

"… I waited until the busiest time of year"
I’ve known Pete Corrao for over 20 years and I knew that his attention to detail in his graphics training would carry over into his tax business. He made sure all my deductions were correct and accounted for and, even though I’d waited until the busiest time of year; he had my return to me within a week. I really appreciate his knowledge and confidence.
-Sally R., Tucson Arizona.

" I get the personal interaction I need."
" Up until two years ago, I completed my own taxes with an on-line tax service. Even though I followed a step by step process, I never understood the purpose of each step nor felt that I was getting all of the benefits that were available by law. However, with Pete's help, I get the personal interaction I need, I feel confident that I've got an up-to-date expert working for me, and I haven't lost any time with the filing process. Thanks Pete, I do appreciate your help!"
– Tom N., Tucson Arizona

" He was fast, ... and I got a ton of money back too!"
" As a busy freelance designer, I don't have the time or the aptitude for managing my tax preparation. Pete handled our taxes quickly and correctly so that I could concentrate on my clients. He was fast, accurate, and I got a ton of money back too. I will certainly be contacting him for my taxes this year!"
– Dave B., Tucson Arizona.

" Pete has saved me lots of money over the years"
" I have been using Pete to do my taxes for years. He is fast, professional, accurate, honest, and he stays current with the new laws. Sure, I can do my own taxes, but using Pete has saved me lots of money over the years. That leaves more time for me to do what I am good at: creating works of art."
– Bill S., Tucson Arizona.

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About Pete and his associates

Pete is an EA or an Enrolled Agent. That means he is enrolled to practice before the IRS. Only EAs, CPAs, and attorneys may represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Individuals who obtain this elite status must pass a three-part exam, adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years.

Pete was a Senior Financial Accountant for Pima County. He now runs his virtual accounting service full time from his home office located near Grant and Silverbell in Tucson Arizona. Pete also works with Journey Payroll. Journey provides a variety of outstanding payroll services at affordable prices. Together they can handle all of your business and personal financial needs.

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Services Offered

Outsourced Accounting

Are you deducting your automobile, business meals, home office, cell phone and internet? Do you understand the difference between a salary and a distribution? Are you contributing to a retirement plan through your business? Do you love doing your business but hate doing the books?

Most business owners end up overpaying taxes, wasting time doing their own books, and miss out on major opportunities because their financials are poorly prepared or not at all.

If you don't have an accountant that's helping you maximize your business entity type (usually the S-Corp), helping you maximize your retirement savings, and helping you strategically build wealth in a tax efficient manner, you're using the wrong accountant!

I've heped dozens of contractors get out of debt and start making money! I've shown them how to reduce costs, increase profits, and save thousands of dollars in taxes and I want to do the same for you!

I specialize in bookkeeping and income tax preparation, and I work exclusively with contractors in the building trades, self-employed individuals, small business owners, and rental property owners. If you haven't filed in a few years, I can get you caught up. Whether you are already using QuickBooks or your receipts are in a shoe box, I can get your business records in order and prepare your small business and personal tax returns.

I do more than "just bookkeeping" or "just taxes". I provide an outsourced accounting package that does everything: prepares your bookkeeping, handles your payroll, prepares your tax returns, and saves you thousands of dollars, year after year, in taxes!

Premium Accounting Package Includes all the folowing

Cleanup your books and establish a perfect chart of accounts
• Provide in-depth analysis of your taxes, financial situation, and accounting system
• Create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for the current and future years
• Provide excellent monthly bookkeeping, keeping you up-to-date
• Set up your payroll and run it for you
• Provide monthly financial reports
• Provide monthly tax projection reports
• Meet regularly to make tax mitigation decisions around investments and purchases
• Close out your books & perform year end reports
• Make year-end tax season a breeze because I’ve done the bookkeeping!
• Prepare and file your business and personal taxes
• Save you thousands of dollars in taxes

• Guide you to build tax efficient wealth


Stop Stressing!

Leave the bookkeeping, payroll, and tax prep to me and you can
focus on doing what you love!

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Income Tax Preparation

Over your lifetime, the amount you pay in income taxes is by far the biggest expense you'll ever have, bigger than the cost of your mortgage or putting your kids through college. You'll never build any real wealth until you get your tax life under control. Start saving money and rid yourself of the tax headache forever–have your bookkeeping and taxes prepared by a professional.
My rates are reasonable, what's your time worth?

Services include
• Free initial consultation
• Business
income tax preparation (Sole Proprietor, LLC, and Corporations)
• Prior year income tax preparation (if you haven't filed in a few years)
• Weekend appointments during tax season

No time in your day for an appointment with me?
No problem–this is the 21st century, we don't have to meet in person! I have a secure web site that you can send your tax documents to or you may fax your paperwork to me at 520-396-3134. I will prepare your tax returns, efile them, and mail paper or digital copies of the completed returns back to you for your records.


Tax Organizer

Download Tax Organizer: Tax organizer

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When you are going to trust your financial information to someone, getting references is always a good idea. Google "Peter F Corrao LLC" and you can read all my 5-star reviews. Please feel free to contact any of my references listed earlier as well.

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Tax Planning

Do you know why Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffett pay almost nothing in taxes? They use tax planning very effectively! Just like them, you too can use tax planning to save thousands of dollars in taxes as well.

In addition to bookkeeping and tax preparation, I offer two additional, but very important, services: tax compliance and tax planning. Do you know the difference?

In tax compliance, I make sure that your bookkeeping is accurately prepared, that your tax return is accurate and follows the laws set forth by Congress, and is compliant with IRS regulations.

In tax planning, I research as well as review tax laws, tax credits, and tax deductions. I then see which of these can be applied to your tax return to legally reduce your tax liability as much as possible.

I am sure you will agree that while an accurately prepared tax return is important, figuring ways to save you money on taxes is much more appealing! Since tax planning is so time intensive, it is billed as a separate, optional service from tax compliance and the tax savings can be substantial! So, how does tax planning work?

We set up a free consultation where I gather your tax returns, personal data, and discuss your financial goals. I then research the tax strategies that apply to your specific tax situation and how they will help you reach your goals. At our next meeting I present a formal written plan outlining 3 to 5 strategies that will save you the most in taxes. Once you decide on which strategies to use, we begin the implementation.

In addition, if you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you seek the services of a competent attorney who specializes in estate planning. I consider having a Revocable Living Trust and a Will to be the basis of the tax planning strategy.

I have a worksheet that will help you identify your personal and financial goals. I also have an estate planning graphic that is a visual representation on how I do tax planning. Call me TODAY to schedule your FREE tax planning consultation - 520-975-7701. Tax planning is only useful if it's done before December!

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Debt Relief and Counseling

Imagine how much extra money you would have every month if you were debt free! No credit card payments, no car payments, no student loans, no house payment! I am here to tell you that it is possible and I am living proof! I walk the walk and talk the talk because I am debt free myself.

Over the last 30 years, I've purchased 5 houses. I sat down one evening and added up all of the mortgage interest I paid over the years. I paid over $170,000 in mortgage interest, plus the price of 3 paid for homes. That's a large amount of my personal wealth that I paid to make someone else rich, instead of me. I knew there had to be a better way...

Today, I am debt free and I save and invest every year. My vehicles are paid for. My homes are paid for. We travel, and I am building retirement savings using the same amount of money I used before to pay for house loans, car loans, and credit card payments.

If you need help getting out of debt, I would like to help you. I have a very simple, easy to follow plan to help you eliminate your debts. Once you're debt free, you can build wealth very rapidly! Your initial consultation is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose. CALL today and schedule your FREE appointment!

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Contact Pete

Have a question? Need additional information? There are a number of ways you can reach me. I prefer written communication in the form of email (this significantly reduces the risk of confusion by both parties), you can also reach me by phone, fax, or even mail. All contact information is confidential and addresses are listed below. And remember, tell a friend about me – and thanks for visiting!




Mailing Address
Peter Corrao
PO Box 87334
Tucson, AZ 85754

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